Remembering Your Medications

All medications work better when taken in the right way; some medications won’t work unless taken as prescribed by your doctor.

It is important to consider:

  • the name of the medicine
  • its strength and prescribed dosage
  • when to have the dosage assessed
  • the importance of taking medicine at the same time every day

Understanding Your Medicine

Your doctor is here for you. Make sure you understand and are comfortable with your prescriptions and treatments. Be open and ask questions – it’s your health.

New Medicines

Are they always better? No, not necessarily.

New medicines may or may not suit. Always talk to your doctor about your medicine – its cost, effects, and possible alternatives.

Using the Internet to Self-Diagnose

The internet is a valuable source of information, but not always 100 per cent reliable. It can be dangerous to rely on the information you read online.

The doctors at Narara Valley Medical are happy and willing to give you the most appropriate advice.