Below are some of our frequently asked questions and answers:

[button bg_color=”#589ee8″]Do I need to make an appointment?                                                                                                                      [/button]

Yes. Our practice is appointment-based. Our appointment system enables us to accommodate patients with urgent, non-urgent, complex, planned chronic care and preventive health needs.

Appointment types are described below:

A Standard Appointment is 15 minutes for all routine consultations.

A Long Appointment is 30 minutes for longer consultations. A longer consultation is necessary if you have a few problems to discuss with the doctor or for some procedures. Please advise receptionist at the time of making your appointment if you think you require a long appointment.

A Prolonged Appointment is 45 minutes for consultations requiring extensive medicals, insurance examinations, stress tests, dive medicals, reports or paperwork.

Urgent appointments are given the next available appointment on that day or seen immediately.  Please call prior to coming into the practice where possible for advice on the most appropriate action. In the event of an urgent appointment you may not be able to see your doctor of choice.

To make an appointment call us on 02 43 28 28 11 during opening hours or book online

[button bg_color=”#589ee8″]Does your practice bulk bill?                                                                                                                                  [/button]

Narara Valley Medical is a private billing practice; payment is due at the time of consultation.

We do not bulk bill, however children under 16 years of age, pension or healthcare card holders may be bulk billed at the doctors discretion.

Please note: We are unable to bulk bill any consultations on Saturdays.

Payment can be made by Cash, EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard.

[button bg_color=”#589ee8″]Can I get my results over the phone?                                                                                                                    [/button]

Our practice policy is not to discuss any results over the phone. Our receptionists and registered nurses do not have access to your results.

If you have been referred for further blood tests or other investigations, it is important for you to return to discuss those results with the doctor.

We recommend you book an appointment to discuss your results with the doctor as soon as possible.

[button bg_color=”#589ee8″]Can I get a medical certificate over the phone?                                                                                                    [/button]

No. Strict legal and ethical restrictions are imposed on doctors supplying medical certificates for patients.

A medical certificate may only be issued after the patient has been examined by the doctor and illness confirmed.

[button bg_color=”#589ee8″]Can I get a script over the phone?                                                                                                                         [/button]

No. A prescription is a legal document issued by the doctor. The doctor is potentially liable for any consequence arising from the use of prescribed drugs; therefore in the interest of providing proper diligence in your medical care, a consultation is required before a prescription can be issued.

[button bg_color=”#589ee8″]Can I get a specialist referral over the phone?                                                                                                      [/button]

No. Our doctors have no hesitation in referring patients following an appropriate request or where a problem requires specialist expertise.

The regulations state that referrals are given only after a consultation with a doctor. This ensures that the referral is appropriate and allows the doctors to coordinate the management of your care.

Please make sure you see your doctor BEFORE seeing a specialist. By law, referrals letters cannot be backdated.

[button bg_color=”#589ee8″]Can I call and speak to my doctor?                                                                                                                       [/button]

In many cases, our receptionist or registered nurse may be able to assist with your enquiry.

For urgent calls, our receptionist will triage your situation for prioritisation and make arrangements as needed. Where required, they will notify the doctor as soon as possible.

For non-urgent calls, a message is transcribed and sent to the doctor. The doctor’s usually read their messages during the day, however during busy times they may not see their messages until the end of the day. Any actions needing to be taken will be dealt with by the doctor and if a call back is needed, that will be made by the doctor, registered nurse or reception team at the doctor’s discretion.

[button bg_color=”#589ee8″]Is car parking available?                                                                                                                                        [/button]

Yes, on street parking is available on Mangrove Road as well as a limited number of off-street parking spaces.

[button bg_color=”#589ee8″]Do you have interpreters available?                                                                                                                      [/button]

Our practice has policies and procedures for communicating with our deaf and non-English speaking patients; we endeavour to accommodate their needs as best we can.

If you require this service, please make your appointment in advance where possible and inform us of your need for an interpreter. Our reception team are able to book AUSLAN or other interpreter services for our deaf and non-English speaking patients.