Health care advice, education, and support are important in pre-pregnancy, throughout your pregnancy and your postnatal care.

At Narara Valley Medical, our doctors can provide you with antenatal shared care if you are attending a public or private hospital clinic or a private obstetrician. This service allows you to see your own GP for many of your routine antenatal consultations.

You will be seen every month for the first six months, fortnightly for the next two months and then every week for the last month. Your GP will arrange all necessary blood tests, ultrasounds and hospital visits during this time and communicate this information to your midwife and/or specialist obstetrician.

Your post-natal care will commence after the birth of your baby. 4-6 weeks later our nurse and GP will review your baby’s health and development. At this time we also recommend a health check on the mother, as her well-being and that of her partner, are equally important during this time.